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Action Plan

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In 2007, the Blackstone Valley Tourism Council (BVTC) began working with Pawtucket, Central Falls, and Cumberland town councils to develop regional cooperative solutions to some of the issues plaguing Broad Street. BVTC then asked for, and was awarded, a Preserve America grant from the National Park Service to undertake a regional planning project. The Broad Street Regeneration Initiative is the resulting collaborative effort between the tri-community town officials and the BVTC to engage local community leaders and mobilize businesses, residents and other local activists towards the regeneration of Broad Street.

The grant was utilized to develop an action plan, or road map, which charts the course for the larger effort to revitalize the Broad Street corridor. This initiative uses sustainable development principles that stimulate business growth, encourage youth involvement, enhance safety along the street, and support heritage tourism in the region. Globally, there has been a heightened interest in Smart Growth and sustainability as a way for communities to guide development. But we found that many of the components that characterize Smart Growth and sustainable development - a compact development pattern, mix of uses, and development within urban areas - already characterize Broad Street. It is our goal to capitalize on these strengths of the Broad Street Corridor while working towards a robust, inclusive, and sustainable economy.

In order to do this, our action plan proposes the following measures:

  • Historic Preservation: Maintain and enhance key structures that give Broad Street its distinctive cultural and historic character

  • Comprehensive Façade Improvements: For areas where historic renovation is not an option, we would like to encourage building façade improvements that enhance the appearance of the corridor and reflect the ethnic diversity of the community as well as the context of the surrounding neighborhood

  • Pedestrian and Streetscape Improvements: Provide a pedestrian environment that is attractive, provides access, promotes safety & creates a welcoming space

  • Traffic and Parking Management Strategies: Provide parking management strategies that maximize the use of existing parking and support other transportation modes to get to and through Broad Street

  • Community Safety: Creating an environment where people feel comfortable is an important part of making Broad Street an attractive place to live, shop, work and play.

  • Business Growth: Support the growth of local businesses

It is our hope that the Broad Street Regeneration Initiative embraces the existing development along Broad Street while encouraging appropriate infill and redevelopment that addresses the needs of the current residents and businesses. Together we can promote an authentic, livable community for those who come to Broad Street:

We realize that Broad Street today is a unique place. A mixture of uses – businesses, homes, churches, schools, industry, parks and government buildings - can all be found within this dense 3 mile stretch. Therefore, we’d love your input. We’d love to hear from the people who live, work, shop, pray and play on Broad Street. It is our hope that the Broad Street Regeneration Initiative will respond directly to the concerns and comments of the existing businesses and residents. If you have any questions, please contact us.

The Broad Street Regeneration Initiative Committee
Blackstone Valley Tourism Council

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